Valued Independent Senior Living

Chestnut Hollow’s 1- and 2-bedroom senior living apartments in suburban Needham uniquely meet the needs of independent seniors. If you or a parent is planning to downsize, move closer to family, or be free of home maintenance responsibilities you’ve come to the right place.

Privacy. Convenience, Excellent Apartment Lifestyle!

Our senior living apartments in Needham offer a unique alternative to large senior living condominium complexes. NO ENTRY FEE, NO CONDOMINIUM FEES, NO DOWN PAYMENT. Instead, enjoy a safe, comfortable apartment with the flexibility of a one-year or longer-term lease.

Enjoy living just steps from Roche Bros. Supermarkets, restaurant, shops, the fire house, police station, and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital (Needham Campus). You’ll also enjoy being nearby to everything you need on a day-to-day basis. Find a home where you can live as you like in a neighborly environment, along with the safety, convenience and flexibility that is so important to you and those who love you.

Vibrant Senior Living at Chestnut Hollow Apartments in Needham

Full Featured Senior Apartments

Each of our apartments is designed with you or your independent parent in in mind. Our senior-friendly living spaces have all the features needed to make seniors feel right at home and families feel confident from day one.

Chestnut Hollow │ Senior Living Needham

Independent, Enjoyable Lifestyle

We are not your standard apartment building. We make it uniquely easy to be independent and still connected, with public spaces for get-togethers, a congenial atmosphere and easy access to everything you need.

Chestnut Hollow │ Senior Living Needham

Activity Everywhere in a Vibrant Community

Be yourself and be part of a friendly community of other self-reliant seniors. Take part in local activities, make friends with your neighbors and enjoy the convenience of being in the heart of Needham.

Ideal Location for Healthy Living

Boston Magazine calls suburban Needham “one of the best places to live…and moving up!” Live around the corner from great shops for your daily needs, steps from safety services, and just 20 minutes from Boston.


Every effort is being taken to maintain the health and welfare of all of us at Chestnut Hollow.

Together, we can do what is necessary to stay as safe as possible.

    • We are cleaning all surfaces at Chestnut Hollow multiple times a day.
    • Everyone should wash their hands after touching anything from outside of their apartment.
    • Never touch your face before thorough hand-washing.


    • All received packages will be left inside the front lobby.
    • All food takeout/groceries/products should be prepaid when you order and have all items left in the front lobby after you buzz them in with your visual security door bell.

If you require help carrying anything back to your apartment, please call us.

We already deliver packages from the front lobby to your apartment, and will be expanding this service for you.


    • Only 1 resident in an elevator at a time.
    • No face-to-face contact with any delivery service.
    • At least 6 feet separation between all residents, even outside.
    • Healthcare and other service providers: please only have them visit if Absolutely Necessary, and be sure they are wearing gloves and facemasks, and wash their hands using soap and paper towels


    • This is very difficult.  We all see ads and stories of families talking through glass doors and windows.
    • Try to maintain safe distances to protect yourselves and all your fellow residents.
    • Use social media when possible.
    • If meeting is necessary, try to do it outdoors, carefully practicing Social Distancing


Testimonials About Senior Living in Needham at Chestnut Hollow

Enjoy senior living to the fullest in an apartment at Chestnut Hollow. From convenience to safety, it’s the unique senior alternative in the center of Needham. You deserve the comforts of home without the worries of home ownership. Come visit us today!

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