Apartment Features & Floor Plans

All Chestnut Hollow apartments include the accommodations that many seniors need at this stage of their lives. Most new residents have no need to add accessibility and safety features after they move in. Most likely, your apartment already includes the features you need.

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Building Features

Chestnut Hollow was built specifically for self-reliant seniors who want to actively enjoy their lives. Our building is monitored for safety and has the extra senior-oriented amenities that make it less stressful than living in a family home that has stairs to negotiate, poor accessibility, or is far from family support.

Chestnut Hollow Community Room
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Lifestyle Features

The seniors living at Chestnut Hollow are glad to have found such a perfect situation. Whether they’re sitting outdoors chatting, taking a walk to town, or visiting with neighbors in the community room, our apartments simply suit their lifestyle. The best way to understand the environment is with a visit to Chestnut Hollow today.

Chestnut Hollow │ Senior Living Needham
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Neighborhood Features

Chestnut Hollow offers a smaller environment that is close to everything needed for day-to-day living. Many convenience can easily reached on foot or by car, plus we are just steps away from Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, the fire station and the police station.

Chestnut Hollow │ Senior Living Needham
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Enjoy senior living to the fullest in an apartment at Chestnut Hollow. From convenience to safety, it’s the unique senior alternative in the center of Needham. You deserve the comforts of home without the worries of home ownership. Come visit us today!

141 Chestnut Street
Needham, MA 02492